sabato 11 luglio 2015

Ai Weiwei: You Know What I Mean

The BaZhou Police arrested seven people without any evidence around the 16th September, 2001. These people include Yuan WeiDong, Chen RuiWu, their family and friends. The police claims that Yuan WeiDong, Chen RuiWu, Yang HongYi, Shang ZhiHong, Wang XiaoMin, Li Jie are suspected of murdering Liu DeCheng and his family. They also claimed that Yuan WeiDong, Tang FengWu are suspected of murdering Yang ChangLin and his family in 1995, one of the family members survived the attack. These men were put on a comprehensive trial. The BaZhou Police are suspected of abusing their authority, using “Third Degree” techniques, fabricating false evidence, extended custody and other illegal acts.
It has been 13 years since this case began back in 2001, seven people have been put on death sentence, death sentence with reprieve and life imprisonment.

霸州公安在毫无证据的情况下,将东北来河北霸州打工的原伟东、陈瑞武及其亲朋共7人抓­捕。警方称原伟东、陈瑞武 、杨洪义、尚志红、王晓敏、李杰涉嫌2000年12月22日杀害刘德成一家三口。后增­加原伟东、汤凤武涉嫌1995年杀害杨长林一家三口杀伤一人。两案合并审理。本案霸州­警方涉嫌滥用职权、刑讯逼供、制造伪证、 超期羁押等违法行为。